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Moroccan Tan 3 in 1 Tan Extender + Gradual Tan Cream

Moroccan Tan 3 in 1 Tan Extender + Gradual Tan Cream

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MoroccanTan Luminous Lotion - 3 in 1 Extender

MoroccanTan Luminous Lotion has been perfectly designed to prolong your MoroccanTan & build a gradual tan after each application. Infused with Argan & Rosehip Oils & combined with vitamins, this luxurious, lightweight gradual tanning lotion glides effortlessly onto the body providing you with silky & hydrated skin whilst delivering a beautiful natural glow over time.

Suitable for daily use, to either build or keep your tan, the luxurious lightweight Luminous Lotion is the perfect product to use on your Moroccan Tan.

Key Features

Fast drying, non oily and non sticky formula.
Delicious Spiced Honey scent.
Argan & Rosehip Oils; rich in natural antioxidants and essential fatty 
Loaded with goodies; Argan & Rosehip Oils, Aloe Vera to ensure your tan lasts the distance

Size: 325mL

Instructions: Apply daily to arms, legs and body for a naturally radiant skin. Smooth on evenly and allow drying prior to dressing. Wash hands after application. You will begin to see a gradual tan enhancement of colour within several days.

Important: For external use only. Avoid contact to eyes. We advise clients with sensitive skin to patch test this product prior to full body application. Please discontinue use if irritation occurs. This product may stain or discolour certain materials. Store in a cool dark place under 20 degrees Celcius. Keep out of reach of children.

Moroccan Tan products do not contain sunscreen