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I have been visiting Renee and Julia at Juren Beauty for almost 4 years now and would never go anywhere else. They are so very friendly, professional and really care about me and making my treatments enjoyable. They also offer very competitive prices and strongly support our great, local community. What more could I ask for? Even my husband goes there too these days!
Lisa Cash.


Thank you so much... I trust you guys so much and I always recommend you to all my friend and family, as you guys are the best on the northern beaches... Thank you again
Sarah Gales.


Thank you so much for the fabulous Youtube video on eyebrows, every single thing I have watched has been very clear and simple to understand and I feel like I can take on the world with my new knowledge in, makeup application it has really made a difference. Thanks to you beautiful sisters.
Love Ostara xo


I have been having regular facials with Julia and Renee from Juren Beauty for a couple of years and find that they would be the best facials that I have experienced.  They are both very thorough in their work and know the beauty business extremely well.  I had an allergic reaction which left my facial skin with what I describe as a ’babies milk rash’ and left huge bags of fluid under the eyes.  The girls used lymph drainage and cleansed the skin and after a few treatments, the skin returned to normal.  Their product range is very nice to use and works very well.  They make you feel quite special upon entering the salon to ensure that you relax and enjoy your treatment.
Aloisie Krasny, Manly Vale