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Juren Beauty Nail Files

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A) Juren Beauty Boomerang Nail File 80/180 Fine/Coarse Grit

80 - Good for breaking the seal and roughing up the gel for Bio-Gel & BIAB Gel removal.

180 - Good for shaping the nails.

B) Juren Beauty Sponge Nail File 120/180 Fine/Coarse Grit - NOW GREY Colour

120 - Good for buffing off excess gel on the nails when soaking off & smoothing out ridges in nails.

180 - Good for buffing off stuborn excess gel on the nail when soaking off, should only be used sparingly. Also great for tidying up the shape of the nail.

Please Note: When it comes to grit for nails files the lower the number the courser the file is and the higher the number the finer the file is.