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Large Home Hot Wax Kit - Face, Bikini & Underarms

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Please Note Due to covid we were not able to source the same glass jars for the wax and solutions, so they will look slightly different to the picture however work exactly the same.

YouTube Video 

Eye Brow Waxing @ 5min

Lip Waxing @ 8min 15sec

Chin Waxing @ 10min 35sec

Under Arm Waxing @ 12min 21sec

Bikini Waxing @ 16min 40sec

Testing Your Wax @ 19min 23sec

After Wax Care @ 20min 20sec

We have developed the following waxing kit for our clients who need to maintain their face & body waxing between seeing us in the salon. This kit includes the same great Brilliance Hot wax that we use is the salon.

It has a unique, creamy formula, is highly flexible for exceptional waxing results on even the most delicate and sensitive areas of the face & body. It is hypoallergenic a Titanium Dioxide to help reduces skin redness.

We have been able to source this wax in convenient glass jars so that wax keeps its heat.

The Kit includes

  • 200g Glass Wax Jar
  • 15ml Pre Skin Cleanser
  • 15ml White Clay Skin Barrier 
  • 15ml After Wax Witch Hazel and Mango Soothing lotion
  • 20 Cotton Pads
  • 10 Thin Brow Beaters
  • 10 Paddle Pop Sticks
  • 10 Tounge Depressors

We suggest the best areas of the body to wax with Hot Wax are the Eyebrows, Lip, Chin, Under Arm & Basic Bikini.