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Juren DIY Gel Soak Off Kit

Juren DIY Gel Soak Off Kit

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Juren DIY Gel Soak Off Kit Instructions

  1. Shape the nails to the desired length with File number 1 while the gel is still on your nails (this is called breaking the seal). Do this on all 10 nails.
  2. Now rough up the surface of the gel with File number 2. Keep moving this file all over the nail and don’t focus in just one spot. If you see the nail colour has gone in an area move on to a different area of the nail. This file is sharp so be careful around the cuticle area. Do this on all 10 nails.
  3. Pull off a small piece of cotton wool, place it on a piece of foil and saturate it with the soak off solution.
  4. Place the saturated piece of cotton wool onto the roughed-up gel nail and secure by wrapping a piece of foil around the top of the nail. Making sure it is tight.
  5. Once you have done al 5 fingers on one hand place one of the black gloves on. This will help keep the foil on while you do the other hand. And then continue steps 3-5 for the other hand.
  6. Leave Gloves on for up to 15 -20 min, you can help speed up this process by applying warmth such as a heat pack.
  7. After this time use the wooden stick provided or scissors and pierce a hole in the glove to remove just the tip of the glove and the foil and straight away start scraping the bubbled-up gel off the nail with the orange stick from the cuticle to the end of the nail.
  8. Then using the number 3 sponge file to lightly buff the nail and to remove any excess gel and roughness. (The grey side is more course so start with this first and then finish with the white side)
  9. If the gel is stuck in any spots don’t force is just reply the soak off solution and foil and move onto the next nail and come back that nail later. Do steps 7-9 on both hands.
  10. Once all removed wash and dry your hands and apply the Juren Cuticle oil Morning and Night

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Kits Include: Soak Off Solution, Foil Wraps, Cotton Wool, Orange Stick, Fine Shape Nail File, Coarse Nail File, Sponge Nail File, Gloves, 5ml Cuticle Oil, Written Instructions, URL link to the tutorial & Handy Bag for Storage.

Please note that some kits contain a soak-off solution container with a dripper applicator like the one in the video and others we have had to substitute with an eyedropper instead. Both work well, we just had some supply issues due to limited stock at this current time. We apologise for any inconvenience.