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Hydration Combo with Free 50g Hydrating Mist

Hydration Combo with Free 50g Hydrating Mist

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It's tempting to rush through our skincare routine when we leave the shower in winter.  However, investing just a few extra minutes to layer our skincare can make a difference. It's a small commitment that can yield significant results, keeping our skin in good shape for the rest of the day.


This technique applies to your morning and night routines after you cleanse/exfoliate and tone.  

As soon as you mist, apply your serum;
this allows the hyaluronic molecules to
 grab that extra moisture and carry it deeper into the skin.

Massage in your serum!
We are always asked how long one should wait after applying serum to apply moisturiser. Well, instead of just slapping it on and waiting a couple of
minutes, use that time to massage in your serum. Not only are you helping the ingredients penetrate deeper, but you are also waking up your skin and aiding in lymphatic drainage. As soon as it feels absorbed, apply your chosen moisturiser.

Misting throughout the day
is also a great way to boost your skin's hydration.

Juren Serums Available in Combo
Anti-aging Hydrating Serum, C Day Serum, AB Night Serum & Cosmeceutical Eye Serum.

Juren Moisturisers Available in Combo 
Hydrating Moisturiser, Antiaging Day Cream & Cosmeceutical CoQ10 Night Oil