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Elleebana Elleeplex Clear Mascara

Elleebana Elleeplex Clear Mascara

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Clear Mascara for Lash Lifts and Tints 10ml.

Elleeplex advanced gel formula is the perfect daily treatment to maintain optimum lash lift results and lash health. Helping to eliminate frizzy hair whilst providing softness and shine to lashes and brows.

- Enriched with proteins, amino acids and vitamin complex ingredients such as keratin, biotin, arginine, hydrolysed collagen, allantoin and panthenol

- Specially formulated to help restore proteins, speed up cell generation, increase potassium channels in the cells and increase moisture levels to the hair

- Includes sunflower oil extract and antioxidants which helps protect the hair and gives longer lasting colour stay results with lash or brow tinting

- Can be applied before daily mascara or alternatively as a nightly lash coating before bed