Waxing & Tinting

Juren adheres to all Skin Penetration and Hygiene Guidelines and uses the most superior wax to date, which has been formulated with sensitive skins in mind.
Get a 5% Discount 
Receive a 5% discount on any of the below combined waxing and/or tinting treatments equaling $65 or more per person. We also offer an affordable price structure for any face waxing and tinting when combined with one of our Juren Facials; we call these facial extras. This price structure is located on our Facial page.

Women’s Body Waxing

½ Bottom Leg  (20min)  $29

½ Top Leg  (25min)  $31

¾ Leg  (25min)  $37

Full Leg  (40min)  $46

Basic Bikini  (15min)  $20

G-string Bikini  (20min)  $29

Extended G-string  (25min)  $38

Brazilian  (30min)  $48

Under Arm   (15min)  $19

½ Arm  (20min)  $30

¾ Arm  (25min)  $33

Full Arm  (30min)  $36


Men’s Body Waxing

 Full Leg   (50min)  $60

Chest & Stomach   (30min)   $55

Back, Neck & Shoulders  (30min)  $55

Full Arm  (45min)   $50


Face Waxing & Tinting

 Eye Brow Wax/Shape/Trim  (15min)  $ 20

Eye Brow Tint  (10min)  $17

Eye Brow Trim  (5min)  $5

Lip Wax   (7min)   $14

Chin Wax   (7min)   $14

Nose Wax  (5min)  $12

Sides of Face Wax  (15min)  $20

Eye Lash Tint* with any service  (15min)  $21

Solo Eye Lash Tint*   (20min)   $26

24K Gold Collagen Eye Mask* (15min)  $17

24K Gold Collagen lip Mask*  (15min)  $17

Lip Bleach*  (20min)  $20

Chin Bleach*  (20min)  $20

* Comes with complementary head or hand massage.