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Eyelash Growth Serum Update.

Julia and I have been trialling two different eyelash serums over the last couple of months to try and find a replacement for eyenvy. We have also been doing a lot of research during this time to better educate ourselves.

Here are some facts we think you should know.

In Australia right now, you will not get another lash growth serum that works on lengthening the lashes as well as eyenvy did, as it contained an ingredient that gave super length to lashes that is now not allowed in Australian products. However, we still achieved a good length and thickness with the trialled ones.
After you have finished the last of your eyenvy and you want to start using a new lash serum, You can do one of two things.

1. You can start using a new lash serum immediately; however, your lashes will go through a shedding phase at about the 2-month period before new lashes start growing again. This is due to the skin on the eyelids being a little thicker after using eyenvy, and it can be a little harder for new serums to penetrate through. 

2. Give your lashes a 3-month break, and don't use any lash serums during this period. This means your eyenvy lashed with slowing fall out, and you will return to your normal eyelash length. After this, you can start using an eyelash serum again.

The main thing to remember is don't give up! if you are trying a new lash serum, don't stop using a lash serum after 1-2  months; if you don't think it is working, you need to push through and give the serum its full 3-4 months to work fully.

Out of the 2 different lash serums we trialled, we were the happiest with REVIVE7, and here is why. 

After the shedding period, Julia and I both noticed the thickness & health of our lashes had increased, whereas we found that eyenvy, would grow your lashes but not necessarily thicken your lashes. 

As we had both previously used eyenvy, the lengthening of the lashes took a little longer to start. We both experienced growth at the 3-month mark after using REVIVE7, as we needed to give the lashes a chance after the shedding phase. We have both continued to use REVIVE7 from the 3-4 month period, and lengthening has continued to grow.

We are now stocking the full range of REVIVE7 products online and in-store, which comprises of an Eyelash Growth Serum, A really lovely Mascara (with the growth serum added) & a Brow Growth Serum. 

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