Juren Bon Voyage Travel Pack

Juren Bon Voyage Travel Pack

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Julz and I recently made a travel pack for a friend of ours going on a long haul flight. She loved it, and it got us thinking, what a great kit it was and that many of you might benefit from it too.

The Travel Pack Includes:

A Juren Organic Lip Balm Stick 5g
To keep your lips hydrated during a flight or when traveling.

50ml Hydrating Mist
To keep spritzing your face through out the flight to stop your skin drying out. It also comes in an aluminum container to keep the product as cool as possible.

2 X 24k Gold Eye Masks
One for your departure and one for your arrival. These are great to apply 15 min before you land; so, you look refreshed and hydrated and can hit the ground running. And the extra Liquid in the packed can be applied to the skin for extra hydration

Set of Juren Nail files
Lifting bags and general travel can leave you nails not looking their best, having our Juren Nail files on hand will will get you back in action in no time.

All products are under 100mls and come in a convenient and durable clear toiletry bag, so you can get through security with out any problems.