Juren Meditation Scent Face Mask Refresh Kit

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This kit only came about by pure chance. We are currently working on Juren Meditation Scent Bath Salts (watch this space), and I gave Julia a sample in a zip lock bag. She then was trying to find a place to store her facemask so she popped it in the zip lock bag with the meditation scent salt.

Only a short time later she went to put her face mask on again and she said it was heavenly bliss! Not only had the beautiful mediation scent permeated the mask, making it so much nicer to wear, the salt had also helped to control the moisture level in the mask keeping it dry to stop bacteria growth.

We have made up a couple of kits for friends and family so if you would like one please pop over to our online store!

The Kit includes
Heavy Duty Clear Plastic Travel Bag
Organza Bag of our Meditation Scent Salt

2 x Disposable Face Mask
Cost - $10